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Pasadena Institute For Relationships

A Center for Imago Therapy & Training


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*** UPDATE ***

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in our work. We are now living in Paris and we are very active in continuing our work in helping couples. To schedule your session please Contact us to make an appointment.

Seeing Couples and Singles

We see Couples and Singles on site in Paris or via Skype.


We supervise Imago therapists in training and those who want our consultation on site in Paris or via Skype.


We specialize doing intensives for couples - several hours at a time, or - several days (sometimes seeing couples in the morning for a few hours and they are tourists in Paris in the afternoon - or the other way around)


Basically we charge $80US/hr either Francine or Bruce. Sessions with couples are 1 ½ hours long, therefore $120


We would love to hear from you! Please Contact us.

Sessions and Workshops

Relationship help

Couples, would you like help with your relationship?

The Pasadena Institute For Relationships offers assistance to couples who would like to have coaching in order to improve their relationship. Often in our society this is referred to as "therapy" or "counseling." But we have a philosophy that Intimate Relationships themselves are therapy! Therefore, we become only facilitators that assist you in developing a thriving relationship. We understand intimate relationships to be the place for deepest healing and growth. We feel this is the unconscious reason why people get into intimate relationships in the first place. If you would like help with your relationship Contact us. We will be happy to set up an appointment for you on site in Paris or via Skype.

Want a relationship?

Are you single and have you been frustrated by not being able to sustain a committed, intimate relationship?

The Pasadena Institute For Relationships offers assistance to singles who have been frustrated by not being able to sustain a satisfying intimate relationship. Since we believe that you were originally wounded in relationship in your home of origin, we believe the best place for healing and growth will also be in relationship. You unconsciously already know this, which is why you have been seeking to get into a committed, intimate relationship. You already sense that this would be the right place to find deep healing and growth. Both Francine and Bruce are willing to consult with you individually about understanding all these concepts. Contact us to make an appointment on site in Paris or via Skype.

Raising Children

"Raising Cooperative and Self-Confident Children"
A Workshop for Parents and Teachers

A step-by-step guide for conscious parenting designed by Francine Beauvoir based on her book by the same name. This one-day workshop provides a comprehensive program, clearly laid out and easily implemented. It has the potential to transform your relationship with your children, step-children, or pupils. Harville Hendrix calls Francine's book, "The best guide for working with parents that I have seen." Learn how to use the family round table to set boundaries without using rewards or punishments while keeping the parent-child bond intact. This is the key to stopping the violence in our society.

Now that we live in Paris, Francine and Bruce are prepared to put on this workshop anywhere in the world by invitation only.  We have put on this workshop over 30 times in several countries.

A statement of what Imago means personally to Bruce and Francine (44 seconds)
An introduction to Imago. Bruce being interviewed by Jon Carlson PhD, Faculty of Governors State University, Chicago (21 mins)
Radio interview: Choosing Your Mate: Why Do We Choose Who We Choose? (51 min)